Nonprofit Applications

Before applying, you may wish to check out our Nonprofit Resources.

This application is for existing or established organizations that are already exempt from income taxes:
-Download PDF Application: NFP Application – 2016

This application is for NEW nonprofits that are seeking to be exempt from income taxes (501c3, 501c4, or 501c6 status):
-Download PDF Application: NFP Startup Application – 2016
*Take a look at our suggested budget form: Projected Budget Template

Small Business Applications

Before applying, check out our Small Business Resources.
Download PDF Application:SBP Application 2017(PDF)

The Application Process 

There are multiple steps in the application and attorney selection process, so it may take several weeks for your case to be assigned to an attorney.  Here are the typical steps in the TLP application process:

1. After you submit your complete application (“complete” means a signed application with the application fee paid), a  TLP staff attorney will review the application to determine if your organization meets our eligibility criteria;

2. After review, the TLP staff attorney will contact you within 7-10 business days and inform you if additional information is needed or if the file is ready to be placed;

3. If the file is complete, we will find a volunteer attorney with the appropriate skills to work with your group;

  • This process may take a few days to a few weeks;
  • If the file is incomplete, you will need to supply the additional information before we attempt to place it with a volunteer;

4. Once an attorney has volunteered, we will send him/her your legal assistance application materials;

5. The volunteer attorney then reviews the file and submits it to the law firm’s conflicts and pro bono committees for approval.

  • Unfortunately, TLP does not control this part of the process. It may take several weeks. 

6. Once the firm has given the lawyer the go-ahead to represent you, we will call you to schedule the Initial Client Meeting;

7. The Initial Client Meeting will likely take place at the volunteer lawyer’s office in downtown Chicago.

  • A TLP staff attorney will attend the meeting along with a representative(s) from your organization;
  • If you have questions before the initial client meeting, you should feel free to contact the TLP staff.