Legal Services For Nonprofits


The Law Project provides free legal services to eligible nonprofit organizations that are working to improve low income communities. Our clients are economic development organizations, affordable housing developers, social service agencies, job training and development organizations, community education programs, community health clinics, legal services organizations, transitional and supportive housing programs, and technical assistance providers.

Submit an application if your organization needs assistance for:

  • Real Estate – commercial leases, renting, purchasing, and selling
  • Personnel – personnel policies, advice on hiring and terminating employees, and employment contracts
  • Contracts – negotiation and contract preparation
  • Corporate Structure – subsidiaries, bylaws review and revision
  • Board of Directors – roles and responsibilities, training
  • Taxes – liability, income tax exemption, revenue generating activities, real estate or sales tax exemptions
  • Annual Reporting Requirements


In addition to services for nonprofit start-ups and singular legal issues, The Law Project offers a comprehensive Nonprofit Legal Assessment Program (NLAP, or “en-lap”) for existing nonprofit organizations. Through the NLAP program, a team of attorneys completes a top-to-bottom legal health assessment for organizations, reviewing all legal aspects of the organization, including corporate governance, tax issues, leases, and human resources issues, among others. Clients will received a “Score Card” after the assessment with suggestions for improvement, PLUS the opportunity to have lawyers make those improvements to the organization for FREE.

To apply for a Nonprofit Legal Assessment, CLICK HERE.


We only provide legal assistance for transactional matters. We cannot provide assistance for disputes or litigation.

Please see our applications for information about our eligibility criteria:

Our applications may also be completed and submitted online. The online applications are available here.

We also provide regular training for nonprofit start-ups through our Emerging Nonprofit Certificate of Training bootcamp. Check out the page for upcoming training dates.

We are now providing a Nonprofit Compliance Institute, designed to inform staff and board members at existing 501(c)(3) organizations about everyday activities that may risk the organization’s tax exemption. Check out the page for upcoming institute dates.


For general nonprofit resources and publications, please visit our Nonprofit Resources page.