Nonprofit Legal Assessment Program (NLAP)

TLP’s Nonprofit Legal Assessment Program (NLAP, or “en-lap”) provides organizations with the opportunity to be in full legal compliance, helping them to be more sustainable and avoid legal pitfalls in the future.

Through the NLAP program, a team of attorneys completes a top-to-bottom legal health assessment for organizations, reviewing all legal aspects of the organization. Clients will received a “Score Card” after the assessment with suggestions for improvement, PLUS the opportunity to have lawyers make those improvements to the organization for FREE.

Volunteer attorneys will review the following:

  • Personnel policies,
  • Bylaws,
  • Leases and contracts,
  • Intellectual Property,
  • Governance issues and reporting compliance,
  • Other relevant documents & policies.

To apply for the Nonprofit Legal Assessment Program, CLICK HERE. 

For questions about the NLAP program, contact Staff Attorney Erica Spangler Raz.

CLICK HERE to access our NLAP Brochure.