Legal Services For Small Businesses

Legal Services for Small Businesses

The Law Project’s Small Business Program offers legal support to entrepreneurs who are starting or have their own small businesses as a strategy to create financial independence. Since most entrepreneurs operate on a shoestring budget, obtaining legal advice is often unaffordable.

We can help your small business with a wide variety of issues, including:

  • Business Structure & Formation
  • Business License Applications
  • Minority Owned or Women Owned Business Certifications
  • Zoning
  • Buying or Selling Real Estate
  • Getting a Loan
  • Signing a Lease or Contract
  • Hiring or Firing Employees
  • Working with Independent Contractors
  • Exempt or Non-Exempt Employees (who gets overtime?)
  • Protecting Your Name, Logo, and Creative Work (Trademark & Copyright)
  • Real Estate Construction Contracts
  • Legal Compliance with State and Federal Laws, including:
    • Affordable Care Act
    • Americans with Disabilities Act
    • Family and Medical Leave Act
    • Concealed Carry Act
    • Federal, State, and Local Anti-Discrimination Laws
  • Crowdfunding

As your business grows, the Small Business Program is available to continue to assist your business with legal matters.

For an in depth explanation of how to apply for legal services, view this short, instructive video:

VIDEO: How to Get Legal Services for Your Small Business


Chicago Neighborhood Small Business Clinics 

Four times per year, The Law Project offers small business clinics in Chicago neighborhoods. Clinics begin with two 30-minute legal workshops on small business specific topics and are followed by 20-minute free one-on-one sessions with an attorney. These clinical programs are offered through partnerships with City of Chicago Chambers of Commerce.

Small Business Clinics are a great opportunity for new and existing small businesses to get quick, on the spot legal advice. For a list of our upcoming small business clinics, please check out our events page.

To more information or to register for an upcoming clinic, contact

The Law Project offers walk in consultations at the Solution Station at City Hall

The Law Project offers free one-on-one legal counseling for aspiring or actual entrepreneurs at City Hall, Room 800, 121 North LaSalle Street, Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection’s Solution Station on Wednesdays from 9:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. This is where you can talk to an attorney regarding legal issues related to your business. In order to avoid a wait time, you can make an appointment to visit the Solution Station by calling 312.744.2086 or emailing

For general resources and publications for small businesses, please visit our Small Business Resources page.